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Super Premium Greatest Generation Logo Shirt 2.0


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It’s the updated Greatest Generation logo, emblazoned on a t-shirt that will, once and for all, settle the question on whether you’re a little bit embarrassed to listen to a Star Trek podcast. Why is this one more expensive? Two words: Marine Layer. If you’ve ever worn their clothing, you know what they’re about: softer than a freshly shorn Riker, more supple than Moogie’s bosoms. This shirt is nice. If you’re going to rep the show for the long-term, you might as well be as comfortable with that decision as possible. This is the gold-pressed latinum of Greatest Generation merchandise items! It’s the updated version of our logo printed on a Marine Layer tee, and there’s an Uxbridge-Shimoda logo on the sleeve. This is an extra premium version of the logo tee.

Pirate Black

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