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The Uxbridge-Shimoda family of podcasts includes The Greatest Generation and Greatest Trek, two of the silliest, most popular Star Trek podcasts out there. We are outside the pocket of Big Rod and are not affiliated with Paramount, and if you enjoy the show buying our merch is a great way to show your support and identify yourself as a Friend of DeSoto!

Special Episode Tie-In!
Complex Capitalist (VOY S5E1)

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Complex Capitalist Combo Pack

Voids can appear when you least expect them. So plan ahead by buying in bulk: owning the Captain's Shirt, the Commander's Shirt and the Mutiny Shirt will have you prepared for transiting voids of all kinds - even the darkest ones that exist within us all.

Save $15 off the total with discount code VOID PROTECTION at checkout when you buy all 3.

Heal The Pod T-Shirt

You love watching The Greatest Generation, but what our theory presupposes is: you may already be a fan of The Santa Monica Mountains Podcast? Whether you’re trapped in a cave, diving into a shallow shore break during a water rescue, or getting trapped in yet another cave, this shirt reps one of the myriam side-project shows hosted by Ben and Adam. Like the show’s source material, it’s destined to be the most popular shirt in the world!

Design: Brian Fernandes

Emissary and Commander T-Shirt

One of the best Star Trek films stars Russell Crowe and is set in the Napoleonic War, and it’s one of the few comforts to those of us who wished they would have made a feature with the DS9 cast. This T-shirt celebrates those things, and is inspired by the viral tweet by Thomas Marrone of Star Trek Online. We’re working with Thomas to raise money for Gameheads, a charity that helps low income youth and youth of color connect with opportunities in the video game industry. A portion of all proceeds from sales of this shirt will be donated.

Design: Thomas Marrone

Drunk Shimoda Coaster

Sure, you've got a Coco Nono, or a Tea Earl Grey Hot, but how are you going to protect your furniture from it? Finally, the podcast that celebrates Jim Shimoda has a solution to your problem. This handsome cork-backed coaster makes a great gift!

Design: Chris Eliopoulos

Gym Shimoda: The Total Package

You’ll never be a little bit embarrassed at the gym again with this three piece kit of workout essentials! Whether you’re a yogi, a distance runner, a rowing machine jockey, or skipping a Coco Nono to ride your stationary bike, this is the gear you need to help you get those isolinear abs in style.

Design: Felipe Sobreiro

USS Hood Hoodie

We decided to update an old classic: it’s the refit of the beloved USS Hood hoodie. Let people know about the best boss you ever had while staying cozy. This is a lightweight hoodie that is extra comfortable.

Design: Carl Huber

  • The Greatest Trek

    The unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow for all the new Star Trek television: Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, and anything else they throw at us.

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  • The Greatest Generation

    A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a little bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast.

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